R.A.W. Foundation

On February 3, 2020, our daughter Rawkee was severely burned while helping her daddy on our farm in southern Utah. She was life flighted to UMC in Las Vegas Nevada, where she underwent her first surgery and spent 8 days in ICU. She was then flown to University of Utah ICU Burn/Trauma Center unit for another 52 days. She underwent 7 more surgeries grafting the majority of her burns and several recell procedures. Rawkee’s burns cover tops of both hands, full face, back of left elbow, left ribcage onto back, and fronts and backs of both legs. She was discharged form the hospital due to the COVID-19 pandemic and underwent many long wound care treatments in our home. Shortly after he discharge and after several laser surgeries to try to reduce her aggressive scar formation Rawkee’s body had a major shut down and stopped producing cortisol. This condition caused her little body to swell about double in size and made her unable to be a candidate for more surgeries. After 10 long months her body finally normalized and we were able to return to a more regular recovery schedule. Rawkee added a new team to her medical family with her plastic surgeon/team at Primary Children’s Hospital. She is currently in the process of complete reconstructive surgeries with the aid of tissue expansion. She has many many more years of procedures, treatments and surgeries. Rawkee insists on keeping her spirits high and is determined to keep fighting no matter what. Throughout this journey we have met the most incredible warriors just like our own daughter. We have been so touched by their loving support and wish to give back in some little way all the good that has been done for us. We wish to create a platform for our daughter and others burn/trauma survivors to tell their story and provide service to these incredible individuals and their families.