You Can’t Stop The Girl

Dancing for Charity

Our hearts were changed even more after we watch Rawkee lose one of her friends in the burn unit. It was a hard day to tell our little girl that her new friend Charity, didn’t make it out of surgery. After this experience, Rawkee came to Megan (her mother) and said “I feel I need to dance for Charity”. In this difficult moment, this was Rawkees way of sending love to her dear friend in Heaven and helping her family know that Charity will never be forgotten.

So often we feel there is nothing we can do with all the heart ache and difficulties we see and experience around us. It is so easy to allow ourselves to be consumed with the sadness and struggle that is flooding our world, but this day we saw our sweet 5 year old little girl, find light in the darkness. What was even more powerful was that she didn’t just find that little bit of light but she made it burst. We believe that no matter how dark things may be, if you intentionally seek it, there will always be light and with that light there is always hope..

This day Rawkee brought people together to send a message of love in the best way she knew how. What a fierce example she is to so many that no matter what is going on within or around you, you can always give and receive a little love.

People need that more than anything.

You Can’t Stop The Girl

Featuring Rawkee Hunt and the Red Rock Dance team from Kanab, UT