The R.A.W. Boxes

Rawkee and The R.A.W. Boxes

Hi, I’m Rawkee. After my accident I spent 9 days at in UMC and 56 days at the University of Utah Burn Center fighting for my life. There were a lot of really long and hard days there, but because of my experience there, I created the R.A.W. Boxes.

“We were given so much, we absolutely had to give something back.”

-Megan Hunt

Why R.A.W. Boxes?

While the Hunt family spent almost two full months at University of Utah Burn/ICU Unit fighting for Rawkee’s life, the amount of love, prayers, gifts, and kindness they received overwhelmed each of them. While spending all their time by Rawkee’s bedside, pondering how they could give back, the R.A.W. Foundation began to take shape. Very quickly after Rawkee was released from the hospital, the foundation was created, and the R.A.W. Boxes started to take shape.

After Rawkee could finally go home, she shared her thoughts of her experience in the hospital. She felt there were things she could do to make sure every other kids in the trauma + burn unit could have an even better experience than she did, starting with the hospital gowns. Four year old Rawkee(at the time) made it very clear that she did not appreciate the “boring and ugly hospital gowns” she had to wear every day. She would have liked something more “colorful and happy”. With that, started the R.A.W. Boxes.

Each R.A.W. Box is custom created and filled with different items depending on the age and gender of each little survivor receiving them. Upon Rawkees request, each box has a unique and custom made hospital gown that are always colorful and always happy. Each piece of fabric is hand picked by Rawkee herself to be sure it is up to her standard. Along with the new hospital gowns, each box is filled full of games, art + learning activities, stickers, coloring tools, socks, books, toys, and so much more! Everything and anything that Rawkee could think of that she had, or wished she had had while sitting in that bed day in and day out is now in those boxes.

She cares deeply for the little souls that sit in those beds the way she did – and still does at times. She feels for them, and understands them which is why she heads the R.A.W. Box project. She wants to ensure that each precious soul she provides a R.A.W. Box for, feels a little bit of joy and and a little bit of hope as they go through their own difficult challenge. She never wants them to feel alone which is why each box is left with a simple note from Rawkee with the help of her sweet Mama.

” We know it hurts and you are afraid but never feel alone! We love you more than you will ever know! You are stronger than you know and braver than you could possibly imagine. Take courage and believe in yourself! You are in safe hands surrounded by hearts that will do everyting in their power to help you feel better. Be brave little one…. EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY!”

We love what we do with the R.A.W. Boxes and would love for you to be a part of it as well! If this is something you are interested in, please reach out to us and see how you can help! Whether that is a much appreciated donation towards the project or you wanting to host a R.A.W. Box event to help us build more boxes for these survivors. We appreciate all of it!

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